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Attorney Trust Accounts | What are the differences with an ATA engagement on the desktop and the cloud?

Published:  29/05/2018
The design principle of ATA on Caseware Cloud was to give you automation and integration of your practice data. This integration and visibility on the cloud reduces time spent on file maintenance due to information pulling through from the Entity once it has been captured centrally. This eliminates human error and duplication of effort when the same information has to be entered multiple times which may cause tokens to be used erroneously when incorrect operating names and year ends are entered. 


What are the differences with an ATA engagement on the desktop and the cloud?

  • Easier collaboration in the cloud accross users and departments.
  • No implementation/installation required.
  • Improved visualisation of file progress and document layout at a glance. 
    1. File workflow
    2. Percentage completion per section
    3. Signed off document are easily identified

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  • Automated backup run daily and maintained for 80 days.
  • ATA files can be accessed and edited on multiple devices
  • Real time sync, you are working on the latest version of your file.
  • File optimisation, information completed in Planning and Risk assessment updates entire file and optimizes the file to hide items that are not relevant to the engagement.

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I already have CaseWare Cloud, what should I do next to start using ATA in the cloud?

To activate Attorney Trust Accounts (ATA) cloud application and transfer you existing unutilised ATA license tokens to the cloud, contact your CaseWare Africa account manager or email

I would like to see a practical demonstration of how this application is used to complete ATA engagements?

Click below to request a live demonstration or email

How do I get my Attorney Trust Template users upskilled on CaseWare Cloud?

Click here for getting started on CaseWare Cloud using online video tutorials and guides, alternatively
Click here to book for a detailed Cloud training workshop on-site at your firm for your users and administrators of your firm's cloud. 

What is the pricing on Attorney Trust accounts in the cloud?

Click below if you would like us to contact you to discuss any further queries you have on this cloud application, transferring your desktop tokens or to receive a quote.
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