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Audit International | FAQ | How to create your firm template and engagement files using an older version of Audit International

Published:  13/12/2016
How do I create my firm template and engagement files using a version of Audit International that is out of date?


The following methods should be used when creating your firm template or creating new engagement files to transfer data from your existing firm template or engagement file. 

Firm Template
If you are using a firm template which has been customised and configured, you would need to re-apply your firm customisation and configuration to the latest Audit International template.

Existing engagement files
Create a new file from existing data, based on an older version of the Audit International template, or your firm template which includes the new content 

Please note that you do have the ability to import the following from your existing engagement file:
1.    Financial Statements (Integrate from the previous engagement file - See the Financial Statement Integration guide)
2.    Trial balance and mapping
3.    Risks
4.    Controls
5.    Reportable items and recommendations
6.    Procedures

Please refer to the Audit International User Training guide for detailed steps on how to perform these imports referred to in 2-6 above.

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