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CaseWare Africa Success Community | Free monthly webinars

Published:  04/04/2018
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We host free monthly webinars to assist with implementation, preparation, formatting tips and common support topics. Ensure you book now to take advantage of this free training resource. You can book for yourself or on behalf of you new starters/trainees by simply access the training calendar and completing the booking steps at no cost to your firm.

We highly recommend booking for these webinars during the year as it serves as a good refresher or getting started training for new users of CaseWare Working Papers. Each webinar also has a Q & A session with our CaseWare experts.
To book a webinar either click on the buttons below | click on Choose your dates below | Select the course date from the calendar then click Book Now. Alternatively, you can view our classroom and online training calendar from the Client Success Services page.

We also offer on-site training at your request, email for more information on availability and pricing.
Installation, Registration & Successful Implementation Common Support Topics
Ensure that you are able to not only successfully install and register CaseWare Working Papers, but also that you do so in the most efficient way possible. Based our support trends we have set up a live webinar to address many of these common questions.
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Balancing the Financial StatementsFormatting and Editing your Financial Statements
Ensure your current and comparative reporting periods are balanced. Reduce time spent on reviewing prior period balances in a rolled forward (Year-end close) file.
  • Balancing the Financial Statements (I/S, B/S, C/F, NetInc)
  • Reconciling Opening Retained Earnings to equal closing of prior year
Most of our frequently asked questions are centered around formatting and editing the financial statements within CaseWare. This webinar will cover the following topics:
  • General formatting
  • Removing blank spaces in the financials
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Turning On/Off & Inserting in the Financial StatementsPeriodic reporting in CaseWare
This covers additional formatting and editing functionality around:  
  • Note/Leadsheet References not printing
  • Numbering and sorting of pages
  • Turn line items on and off
  • Inserting notes, policies, text and tables
  • Note/Table not printing
Use CaseWare to its full potential by using it for annual as well as periodic reporting. This training will show you how to set up your CaseWare file so that you are able to produce statements for periods shorter than a year. We will also briefly show how to use the CaseWare Connector to produce monthly management accounts.
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