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CaseWare Africa Success Community | How to identify which options to select from the download packager list when downloading your software

Published:  08/03/2017
When you are downloading your software, are you having trouble identifying which options to select from the download packager list?


What is the Download Packager?

The purpose of the Download Packager is to provide you with a list of products you own, as detailed on your Licence Statement, so you can choose which applications to install when upgrading or downloading your software. The Download Packager is available on the My Software page, after logging into the community.

Click on Launch our Download Packager button to view your software options which are available in a checklist, to create your download package..

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How do I know which products I own?

The products owned by your firm are listed on the License Statement with the installation codes and authorisation codes.
The License Statement is available on the My Licences page after logging into the community.

Click on the Licence Statement button, to download your license statement which summarizes the software and provides the install codes for your templates.

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How do I access the My Software and My Licenses page?

These pages can only be accessed once you have logged into the Community and are only available for the renewal contact, CaseWare champion and the IT contact at your firm. If you don't know who this is, this information is available on the My Company Profile page. 
  • If you already have a your Community Login details, click on the Login button in the top right
  • Alternatively if you don't have an account on the Community, you may register for an account via the Community click here

Which checkboxes do I select when using the Download Packager?

The following is a comparison between the information listed on your Download Packager and your Licence Statement, to assist you in selecting your applications as per Software Licence Statement to download and install:

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  1. Licensed Software provided within your bundle
  2. Templates provided within your bundle
  3. Entity Types that you can base your Templates on (This is used when creating a New File or Opening existing Client Files)
  4. Utilities or Tools: These are provided on all packages, Only applicable if your firm uses the following (If you are unsure you ask your IT Adminstrator or launch the Download Packager after when this information is confirmed:
    • Data Store ( Data Store is an optional component for CaseWare Working Papers, which allows the users to integrate CaseWare Working Papers with the Windows Active Directory.) Click here for further information on Getting Started with Data Store
    • Pervasive Export Utility (Required to utilise data from the Pastel accounting packages in your CaseWare Working Papers file)
    • QuickBooks Export Utility (Required to utilise data from the QuickBooks accounting packages in your CaseWare Working Papers file)
  5. Code: Authorisation code you will need to register the software for the Licence Period
  6. Install key : These will be used by the user to activate your templates. However your packager will automatically populate these Install keys in the installation dialogue screen upon installation. You will just need to confirm the keys from your Licence statement and the Installation dialogue.

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