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CaseWare Working Papers | How do I resolve the print/email batch error “Print error code -30”?

Published:  24/11/2016
How do I resolve the print/email batch error “Print error code -30”?


NOTE: This solution requires you to modify the registry on your computer.
Contact an IT professional if you are not experienced in editing your system registry.
This solution is applicable to both CaseWare Time and CaseWare Working Papers.

•    For Windows 7, right-click the Start menu icon and search for Run. Open the Windows registry editor by typing regedit.exe and pressing Enter, or

  User-added image

•    For Windows 8, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type in ‘run’. Click on the Run icon displays on the left hand side of your screen to go into the app. Type in regedit.exe and pressing Enter, or

  User-added image
•    Click File|Export and save a copy of your registry on your computer before making any changes

  User-added image

•    Navigate through the registry editor to HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\CaseView PDF 2014.

  User-added image

•    Right-click on CaseView PDF 2014 and select Permissions.
•    Click on Add

  User-added image

•    Type in everyone, and click Check names.

  User-added image

•    Click on the OK button.
•    Click Full control and then click OK.

  User-added image

•     Close the registry editor and restart your computer.
•    To test this, do the following: Go to the client batch email screen and attempt to print or email a batch set.

  User-added image
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