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CaseWare Time | How do I remove a cash receipt adjustment from the trial balance report after deleting the Cash Receipt?

Published:  20/07/2017
 How do I remove a cash receipt adjustment from the trial balance report after deleting the Cash Receipt?


When you reverse a Cash Receipt that was applied incorrectly. If you then decide to delete the Cash Receipt, the Cash Receipt Adjustment will still shows on the Trial balance report. 

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How do I remove this unwanted information?

  • To remove this unwanted information, you will need to restore a backup from when the cash receipt was not deleted. Undo the Cash Receipt reversal by clicking Process | Cash Receipt Reversal
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  • The following dialog will appear then select that client you want to undo the Cash receipt reversal for.
  • Select the correct date range, Ensure that the range falls under the period in which the invoice was created (You might need to roll back to a previous period on your company profile as well depending on whether you have done a month end on the file or not)
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  • After the selecting the Group/Client no and the Date range, the cash receipt should appear and then Reverse option will be checked  (refer to the picture below)
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  • Remove or untick the the checkbox in the Reverse column then select close, this will undo the cash receipt reversal process
  • You may now delete the Cash Receipt , it will no longer appear on the Trial balance report
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