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CaseWare Working Papers | How do I update my Silent Install package to version 2016.00.181?

Published:  23/02/2017
How do I update my Silent Install package to version 2016.00.181?


In order to change the CaseWare Working Papers to version 2016.00.181 on an existing Silent Installer.  You would need to update your components folder in the Silent Installation skeleton.  This would be in the folder where all components relating to the Silent Installation is stored on your network.
  • For example, the folder will contain the following:

User-added image
  • Within the Components folder there are the following subfolders:

User-added image
  • Once within the CaseWare folder, there is another subfolder:

User-added image
  • Then within the Working Papers folder you will be able to view the following:
User-added image

You will need to Replace the content in the Silent Installation components (shown in the previous steps) with the install files of CaseWare Working Papers 2016.00.181. Then rename the Application type file pictured in the screenshot above.
  • For example:  If the country is South Africa then this will be ZA and you have the firm’s authorisation code. Copy that install code into the AUTHCODE placeholder in the name of the application file. This code can be found on your license statement.
In the Batch file you then need to ensure that this "renamed" application file corresponds with the name in the Bat. File
  • Please note, the Silent installs of your firm would already have WP2016ZA_, you just need to paste the AUTHCODE in the name of the Application file and .BAT file.

User-added image

Click here for the full guide on the Silent Installation process.
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