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CaseWare Working Papers | How do I use the Automap feature?

Published:  10/07/2017
How do I use the Automap feature?


The Automap feature is designed to make the mapping process easier and faster. This feature is recommended when using the Import from accounting software, and particularly when importing from Pastel. This feature will attempt to map any unmapped accounts automatically by comparing specific fields of the listed accounts, such as account number, report type (balance sheet or income statement), sign (debit or credit) and ratio class; to the fields of the mapping numbers in the mapping structure. Word matching on the account description field is lastly used to try to match an appropriate map number from the group of possible matches identified.
  • To add the AutoMap to the CaseWare Ribbon, select View | Show | Template 
User-added image
  • The Automap button will be added to the toolbar
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  • Click on the Automap button to map the trial balance.
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Open the Working Trial Balance once the process is complete. The mapping number will appear in the Mapping Number column. A yellow warning triangle will appear as an indication that the account has been auto-mapped. Click on the mapping number and then the checkbox to verify the mapping or remap the line item if it has not been mapped correctly. The mapping will still work even if the map number has not been selected as verified. 
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It is important to re-iterate that the Automap feature is most effective when importing from Pastel and is also not recommended for use in subsequent years. The reason for that is that in subsequent years, the chart of accounts is mostly mapped and only new accounts need to be mapped. Automap will remap ALL the accounts and even previously mapped accounts will need their mapping numbers verified. 
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