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CaseWare Working Papers | What do I do if a Template is missing?

Published:  07/12/2016
What do I do if a Template is missing?


In the event that your template is “missing’’ or if you are unable to see it in CaseWare Working Papers in the following two places:
  1. Create a New File window (File | New)
  2. Templates window (File | Templates)
User-added image
The Template may have not been installed or was deleted.
  • To resolve this issue you will need install the Template on your computer.

Please contact your CaseWare Champion or Renewal Contact. They would need to log into the community and go to the "My Software" section to launch the firm's download package. Click here for guidance on how to request the firm's software.
If you are the firm's CaseWare Champion or Renewal Contact and would like to request a CaseWare Africa Success Community log in to access "My Software" - Click here for guidance on how to request a Community login.

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