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CaseWare Working Papers | What do I do when my CaseWare Working Papers (NRV) has reset to a demo version?

Published:  31/03/2017
When I open CaseWare Working Papers (NRV), I receive a "CaseWare Demo Version" message alert stating there are a few days remaining until the software expires, there is no option to click on Continue and I am locked out of CaseWare Working Papers, how do I resolve this?

If you have not updated to the latest version of CaseWare Working Papers you will receive an expiry notification.
This notification will occur if you are a Non-registration client on version 2016.00.065 or lower.

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The following resolution is in regards to either the Standard or SmartSync version of CaseWare Working Papers (NRV) 2016.00.065 or lower:

  • Once the message box appears upon opening CaseWare Working Papers
  • Press the ENTER key.on your keyboard
  • This will allow you to continue and login into the CaseWare Working Papers file.
Alternatively you may also resolve this issue by updating to the latest version of CaseWare Working Papers 2016.

Identify which scenario applies to you to download the CaseWare Working Papers (NRV) version 2016.00.181:


I do have a CaseWare Africa Success Community login
  • If you are a firm champion, you will have access to your unique download package by accessing the My Software page and clicking on the download packager icon top right.
I do have a CaseWare Africa Success Community login but cannot see the My Software option
  • You may request the file to be provided to you by your firm champion
  • Alternatively to obtain this access your firm champion will need to update your user permissions on the Content Management page once they have logged in. This page is available when selecting the My Team's Information option in the drop down menu. When clicking on the Manage button next the user's name, ensure that the Download Software checkbox is ticked. This will allow the user access to the My Software page.
I don't have a CaseWare Africa Success Community login
  • If you are responsible for managing updates and don't have a login for the CaseWare Africa Success Community, click on the Login button in the top right and then the Register Now option.
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