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CaseWare Working Papers | What is the password to enable Bring Back Content?

Published:  02/11/2018
What is the password to enable Bring Back Content?

This password can be requested via the CaseWare Africa Success Community by logging in and navigating to the My Software page.


    On the My Software page, you will click on the Bring Back Content bar to expand the Bring Back Content indemnity form.

    You will request access to the Bring Back Content password by:

    1. Reading through the recommendations, terms and conditions on accessing Bring Back Content.
      • This section is very important as once consent is provided, giving you access to enable Bring Back Content, CaseWare Africa will not be held responsible for any loss of data that may arise from that access.
    2. Complete the following information on the form:
      • Full Name of the approver
      • Designation of approver
    3. Then click on Enable Bring Back Content

     Who is the approver or the staff member in your organisation?

    The partner of your firm (or the decision-maker) will be approver providing the consent for you to access the Bring Back Content.

    How do I enable the feature to Bring Back Content in my CaseWare Working Papers file?

    1. Select the Financials Statements document 01.10 from the document manager.
    2. Click Options 
    3. Click Enable Special Features
    4. Type the password you have just enabled on the My Software page
    5. Click OK
    6. Click here to watch a video tutorial on the process with detailed steps

    I do have a CaseWare Africa Success Community login but cannot see the My Software option

    • You may request the file to be provided to you by your firm champion
    • Alternatively to obtain this access your firm champion will need to update your user permissions on the Content Management page once they have logged in. This page is available when selecting the My Team's Information option in the drop down menu. When clicking on the Manage button next the user's name, ensure that the Download Software checkbox is ticked. This will allow the user access to the My Software page.
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