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CaseWare Working Papers | What to do when a Btrieve error 20 (002) appears when importing from Pastel?

Published:  22/11/2016
When I import from Pastel into CaseWare Working Papers, I get a ‘Btrieve error  20 (002)’, how do I resolve this?


Solution 1

The first solution would be to re-install the updated version of the Pervasive Software. CaseWare Working Papers enables you to import your Trial Balance from various accounting software packages. With Pastel Trial Balances, you don't need Pastel installed on your PC. All you need to import a Pastel Trial Balance into CaseWare Working Papers is to have the Pervasive software installed.

Solution 2

As an alternative, you will need to export the trial balance from Pastel into Microsoft Excel then import from Microsoft Excel by following the steps below:
1. On the CaseWare interface, select ‘Engagement’ then ‘Import’.
2. Select ‘Excel File’ as the source of the import.

User-added image

3. Browse to where the Excel file is saved then click on ‘Next’.

User-added image

4. Deselect the rows you are not using such as table headings and totals then click on ‘Next’.

User-added image

5. Select the account number, account description and the balances by right clicking on ‘ignore’ on the relevant columns in order to label the columns. Then click on ‘Next’.

User-added image

6. Under advanced specifications, tick next to ‘Clear balances of periods being imported’.

User-added image

7. Click on ‘next’ then ‘import’.
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