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CaseWare Working Papers | What to do when recieving a Registration error code 26 and using the Cleaning Wizard?

Published:  22/11/2016
I have opened the CaseWare Working Papers application and the following screen appears (Cleaning Wizard), how do I resolve this?

User-added image


Click here if you have a new PC or laptop and the cleaning wizard only appeared once CaseWare Working Papers 2018 was installed and opened.

What is the cause of Error 26?

When the system clock is modified CaseWare Working Papers will prompt the user with the Time Tampering Cleaning Wizard.

NOTE: A variance of up to 24 hours is allowed, anything greater than this will result in an 'error code 26' error message being displayed, which cannot be removed by merely resetting the system clock back to the original time and date.

To remove error and the Cleaning Wizard you need to do the following:

  1. Ensure the system date has been restored to the correct date and time.
  2. Tick My date and time are set correctly. Click Next.
  3. Select Obtain Cleaning Licence. Click Next.
  4. Enter your details (Firm and your name) and ensure you enter in the support email field. Click Next.
  5. CQS CaseWare Working Papers Support will send you a response with an attachment (i.e. lsclean.txt).

On receipt of the cleaning licence via email from CQS, save the attachment (LS Clean tool : "lsclean.txt" file) to your to your CaseWare root directory:

  • (32-bit)   C:\Program Files\CaseWare
  • (64-bit)  C:\Program Files (x86)\CaseWare
  1. Using the wizard, select [USE CLEANING LICENSE | Click NEXT then BROWSE
  2. Browse for the attachment previously saved to the “Caseware” folder and then click NEXT
  3. The Wizard should now inform you that the Time Tampering has been removed

Should the above steps not resolve this issue, please use the following steps:

NOTE :The following process will require your user account to have administrative rights to run the utility. You will need to contact your IT provider or IT Personnel and request to be granted full administrator access rights should your user profile not have these permissions.
1. Then click on the START button for your operating system.
2. In the search bar type "cmd" and click on "Command Prompt"
3. Right click on cmd.exe that appears and click run as administrator.

User-added image

4. You will be presented with a screen like below
User-added image

5. Type in the following command in the Command Prompt window:
  • cd c:\program files\caseware and push enter
  • cd c:\program files (x86)\caseware and push enter
User-added image
6. Type in lsclean lsclean.txt and press enter
User-added image
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