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CaseWare Working Papers | What to do when the assurance report is missing after running an update?

Published:  20/03/2017
After I install a service pack or update the template, the assurance report has disappeared from my financial statements, how do I resolve this?


This resolution is applicable to all Financial Statement templates (IFRS, SAIPA and IFRS for SMEs):

Perform the following steps on the affected client file 

  • Open the Information Store 
  • Scroll to the Engagement variables section and ensure that the new layout is displayed, as depicted in the screen shot below. This layout is available on the 2016 versions of the templates.

User-added image
  • If the Engagement variables section does not show the new layout with the options to select Reports to be included in the financial statements, it means that the Information Store of your client file is based on an older template version.  
  • Ensure that your client file is based on the latest template by comparing the version number in the top right to the latest template version available. To view the version number of the latest template, this information can be viewed by visiting the Product Updates page then click on the Templates dropdown bar to expand and to view the latest releases available. 

If you have the latest template installed but the client file is based on an older version, perform the following steps to update your Information Store:

  • Close all CaseView documents that may be opened then click on File | Copy components 
  • Select the option to Copy Into This File
  • Then select the latest template that your client file is based on
  • On the Copy Components Wizard select the following:
  1. Select the radio button option for The following components
  2. Under the Components field select Documents
  3. Click on the button Deselect All
  4. In the documents field select Information Store
  5. Then select Next
User-added image
Select Next, then Finish to complete the process.

At this point you should be able to view the new layout of the Engagement variables section of the Information Store, and select the applicable assurance report from the selection boxes. 

When navigating back to the financial statements, the relevant report should now be visible on the contents page and the Go To menu.


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