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CloudTax | Live demo session FAQs

Published:  24/10/2017
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Thank you to those who have attended our live demo sessions, we wanted to provide you with information on CloudTax that was queried during the webinar. Here are some of the answers to the questions asked during this session.

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Can the provisional be submitted without the client approval?
The provisional requires a 2 level approval, 
1)    The practitioner 
2)    The client, however, the practitioner can approve on behalf of the client. This can be done on an individual basis and in bulk
Can we use it for Payroll taxes returns or it is just for Provisionals?
Currently just for provisionals.
Is it possible to use cloud tax to manage my VAT clients?
Currently, there are no due date calculations for VAT returns, but it is something we will look at in future. Even if we supply the user with the management part of it only, this would be beneficial to the user

SARS e-filling

What would happen if the client has their own SARS e-filing login?
The client will have to transfer their efiling profile to the auditor.

Does CloudTax have the same file size restrictions as on e-filling?
Yes, there’s a 2MB limit as set by SARS. Also note that only certain file extensions are accepted; (eg: gif, jpegs, pdf ), CloudTax and TaxWare uses PDF’s.


If I have former clients still on my efiling profile can I delete them from the cloud or should I clean up my efiling profile first?
You can delete the profile from Cloud, CloudTax will then ignore those clients when a SARS Sync is performed.
Once the return is approved by the client where will you identify this action?
Once the provisional has been approved by the client (or by the practitioner on behalf of the client) the provisional state will move into Queued for Submission or Ready for manual submission (this is if the client is not on efilling).The workflow or progress status on the provisional will update to state that it’s been approved by the taxpayer. There is also an audit log within the provisional calculation screen, under Review and Submit.
Does the platform allow for credit push payment creations (payment to SARS)?
No, SARS does not allow ISV’s to push any payments to their systems. We are currently working on a feature where we will provide the user with payment and outstanding payment information in CloudTax. This is to allow the user to manage the outstanding payments from within CloudTax
What happens when a client was taken over by someone else and released from my profile, will cloud update?
The entity created in CaseWare Cloud will still exist and the user will be able to see the entity on CloudTax until they mark the entity as a non-tax client, etc. With that in mind, when the SARS Sync is done, the username and password entered determines which taxpayer information is sent or received. If the taxpayer is assigned to a new practitioner on SARS, then the old practitioner will no longer be able to perform work for them on SARS and therefore they can’t perform any work via the SARS Sync. The practitioner should he wish will still be able to update the entity details on CWC or CloudTax but nothing will be sent or received from SARS for the specific taxpayer.


Do we require TaxWare or is CloudTax stand alone?
You do not need TaxWare to have CloudTax . CloudTax is a separate application, built on the CaseWare Cloud Platform and therefore you require CaseWare Cloud to access CloudTax . CloudTax will be a standalone product. We will be replacing all desktop products with Cloud products over the next 18 months.
Are all permissions setup on CaseWare Cloud or is separate?
This is setup within CaseWare Cloud. Click here for detailed steps on the process.
When tasks are completed on the workflow platform, will the billing be automated?
This function is not available for CloudTax, the billing will not be automated.
How do we send communication/ emails to clients for them to sign-off on the return/ calculations?
The Practitioner can send an email to the Taxpayer from the Provisional Calculation screen | Review & Submit.

Additional Resouces

How do I request a recording of the webinar?
You can watch and download the recording of this session here.
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