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Corporate Tax Module | How do I balance the Tax Computation?

Published:  25/11/2016
How do I balance the Tax Computation?


The best practice is to ensure your CaseWare Working Papers file has the latest version of the tax module (CTM). 
To view the latest versions of Corporate Tax Module for CaseWare click here

If your Corporate Tax Module in an older version then you will need to update to the latest version before applying any other recommended resolution. 

NOTE: For the following you will require a Community login to download, if you do not have a Community Login click here.
Click here to view the downloads available for the Corporate Tax Module for CaseWare.  

NOTE: This is only applicable to the Corporate Tax Module for small business corporations
The corporate tax module should balance after the relevant and correct input figures have been populated. Should it not balance, it may be caused by incorrect tax codes. To correct the code, you can do the following:

User-added image

  1. In the Working Trial Balance, right-click on the column heading and select Show | Tax Codes.
  2. Clear all the tax codes by selecting and clicking on ‘’Delete’’ from your keyboard.
  3. Then navigate to Tools | Options.
  4. On the Mapping | Autofill tab, ensure that the radio button to Autofill all account properties is selected and click on ‘’Autofill Now’’.
  5. Then open the module, the codes should have populated now and the computation should balance.
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