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Individual Tax Module | How do I update the Individual Tax Module?

Published:  24/05/2017
How do I update the Individual Tax Module?


Before completing the update process:

  • Ensure that all the users log out of TaxWare
  • Create a Backup of TaxWare - Click here to short video on how to create a back up of your TaxWare File
  • Update TaxWare on the server first, then all the other workstations
Please note that once the practice has been updated, other users will only be able to access the data once they upgrade their TaxWare 
  • Ensure that .Net Framework and Internet Information Services is enabled on the server
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  User-added image

The update process

  • Run the ITM update
  • On the ITM configuration screen, please ensure that:
a.    The license key is correct
b.    The Web Service HTML address matches the IP address of the server
c.    The TaxWare practice has been added under Practice path
d.    Click on Apply
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  • On the Start menu, search for Information Services(IIS) Manager
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  • Expand the tree view on the Left, we are looking for ITR12 and TaxWareITR12
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a.    Double click on ITR12 , then double click on Directory Browsing

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b.    Click on enable
   User-added image
  • Do the same for TaxWareITR12
a.    Double click on ITR12
b.    Then double click on Directory Browsing
c.    Click on Enable
  • Open TaxWare:
a.    Navigate to an Individual Taxpayer’s 2014 Tax year
b.    Create a new Annual return OR open the existing return
c.    The Edit ITR12 button should not be grayed out anymore
d.    Click on Edit ITR12 and wait until the Update Required dialog box appears  
e.   Click on Ok

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Once it has completed the update, open the ITM and you may now create a 2016 annual return
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