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Probe | FAQs | March 2018

Published:  13/03/2018
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The following are the Probe FAQs that have been combined from common queries on our support cases, training sessions and the Success Community.


Implementation FAQs

What are the Probe activation/template codes?
To access the template codes for your firm's software package:
  1. Click on Login the right-hand corner of the page
  2. Select My Licenses to access the firm's License Statement
  3. Then click on License Statement to view the installation keys for your templates.
Click here for detailed guidance on the above.steps (Kindly note: these steps are for Community users that have the required permissions to access this page on their firm's account.)
If you require assistance with managing permissions of your Community users click here for detailed guidance
How do I update to the latest probe mmx/audit?
  • In order to use the new Probe template, you must upgrade CaseWare Working Papers to the 2017 version.
  • Download the latest Probe IFRS for SME and/or IFRS packager file and save it to your local drive. The download is accessible in the top right of this page via the My Software page once logged in.
  • Double click on the packager file to launch the installer. Follow the instructions on the Install Template Package Wizard.
  • To update your engagement file, Open your financial statements and run the update. 
Kindly note If your update dialog does not open upon opening your financial statements, go to Options | Content and Version Management | Check for updates. The version number of your probe work programs after update should be 2017.20.13. Click here to download the latest template and release notes

Auditing with Probe FAQs

Can I use Probe MMX for interim audits?
Yes, you can use Probe MMX for interim audits,  click here to review our practical examples and other considerations.

What is the Probe design mode password?
CaseWare Africa has taken the decision not to allow design mode changes to all Probe documents due to the complexity and high risk involved in working with Design Mode. Bearing in mind that there are some changes users will have to make, we have ‘unlocked’ various functions within Form Mode (change audit procedures, hiding procedures, paragraphs, etc.).

In the newer versions of Probe (2010.07.04 and later) users have access to the design mode, as no password is needed for the documents where some significant changes may be necessary:
  • 10.20 - Engagement letter
  • 02.92 - Representation letter
  • 10.60 - Minutes
  • 65.11 - Emoluments certificate

Probe Training FAQs

How do I request the Probe training manual?
You will receive a link to download an electronic copy of the Probe manual upon confirmation of booking.
Alternatively, you may email  

How do I request onsite training?
If you prefer our classroom training to held at your offices you may email  
What are the training courses available for Probe?
We have both 1 and 2 day courses which are designed for a CaseWare Probe MMX Audit users.
These courses are run on a monthly basis click here to view our training calendar.
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