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CaseWare Cloud | Prerequisites to using Cloud

Published:  23/02/2018
This article is for new administrators of CaseWare Cloud and will provide you with self-learning resources that can get you up and running with CaseWare Cloud in conjunction with CaseWare SmartSync.


CaseWare Online is a hybrid solution this means that, CaseWare Working Papers (SmartSync) is installed on your machine as a desktop application and all your files are updated to the Cloud.

Prerequisites of using SmartSync:

If your firm has previously implemented CaseWare Desktop standard prior to upgrading your software package to CaseWare SmartSync. You will need to note the following:  
  • Check your version by opening CaseWare Working Papers | Help
User-added image
  • Review the system requirements, click here to view (Kindly note before you upgrade please make sure that you have a 64bit Operating System this is very critical)
  • if you have not got it installed please click on Login in the top right then select My Software 

Prerequisites of using Cloud:

Ensure you have the URL for your firm's Cloud instance
This URL will be provided via email with the following details once your firm's Cloud has been set up and ready for you to sign in with the e-mail address you provided:
  • From:
  • Subject: Welcome to CaseWare Cloud
  • URL to access your firm: firm's unique instance 
  • System Administrator E-mail address: Your email address
You have been granted the role of System Administrator by receiving this email. Click here to read more on the role of Cloud Administrator. As System Administrator, you are the authorized representative of your firm and have the authority to act on behalf of your firm to enter into the Master Hosted Software Agreement. You will be asked to acknowledge your acceptance of the Master Hosted Software Agreement the first time you sign in as System Administrator.

This role provides access to all functionality for your firm. If you would like to assign another staff member this role, then you can change this with of the following 2 options:
  1. Login by accessing the URL and create an account | Create a new user | Assign firm-wide permissions to this user who will be the Cloud Administrator
  2. Alternatively you may contact your CaseWare Africa Account manager or email to have it changed
Here are some resources to help you get started with CaseWare Cloud and SmartSync
  • Click here - How do I integrate my CaseWare Working Papers (SmartSync) with my firm's Cloud 
  • Click here - What do my firm's Cloud users and administrators need to know
  • Click here - What do my firm's SmartSync users need to know
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