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CaseWare | How to sort the Index Page and or Reports in AFS?

Published:  19/08/2016
How to sort the Index Page and or Reports in AFS.

The following may be occurring:
  1. Page numbers on the Index Page in the Print Preview or Printout are out of order
  2. Certain reports need to be switched around and the Index Page needs to match the order


First step is to enable Builder Mode: 

  • In the Financial Statements, open the Options menu and make sure "Builder Mode" has a tick. If not, click Builder Mode to to ensure it is selected.
  • If "Builder Mode" is not displayed in the Options menu, you will need to enable it:
    • Open the Options menu, click Enable Special Features, type 89iu63, click OK. Now you may tick/untick "Builder Mode" in the Options menu.
  1. Open the Document menu, and click on "Sort Pages".
  2. A window will now appear. Click on OK.
  3. A new screen will appear that looks "blank". This screen is the order of your reports. Click on ">>" TWICE and you will notice your reports are displayed in their current order.
  4. Select the relevant reports and click "Move Down" and "Move Up" to sort the order of the reports.
  5. Record the order of the reports for the next step.
  6. When the desired order is reached, click OK.
  7. The next screen you will see is the Index Page. Here, you follow the same process as for ordering the reports and make sure the order of the Index Page line items matches that of the related reports.
  8. When completed, click OK. Go back to the Options menu and make sure to UNTICK "Builder Mode".
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