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CaseWare Working Papers | How to package and distribute the Firm Template

Published:  19/01/2018

Package and testing the Firm Template

The following is an extract of the CaseWare Champion course manual that will provide you with step by step guide on how to:
  • Package and testing the Firm Template
  • Deleting the Trial Balance before packaging the template
  • Distributing the Firm Template
  • Repackaging the Firm Template
The following course is an excellent way for any CaseWare Champion to upskill on the above:
This intense 5 day course, exclusively for audit firms, is designed to train and up-skill an individual to ensure the success of CaseWare in your business.

For more information, on our CaseWare Champion click here to view the details and booking. 

  Download Manual

Test the Firm Template before distributing the template to the rest of the firm. As a minimum, this may include:

  • Using an existing file, update the file using the Create new file from client data option. When updating an existing file, select the Firm Template.
  • Update an existing file to the new Firm Template using the Update Wizard.
  • Print out the Financial Statements of the updated file that has been created based on the Firm Template.
  • Check that all the changes are correct and are now in line with the Firm Template.
Download and install updates from the My Software section of the CaseWare Africa Success Community and repackage the Firm Template
  • Bookmark the following link in your browser
  • Login in the top right then select My Software
  • Updates, Hot Fixes and Service Packs are released by us to ensure that users always have templates updated with the latest compliance improvements. The updates, hotfixes and services packs must be installed on all laptops and desktops with CaseWare Working Papers installed. This should be managed or co-ordinated by the CaseWare Champion.
  • It is recommended that the Firm Template is the first file that is updated when an update, hot fix or service pack is released. Once the update is made the Firm Template must be repackaged and distributed throughout the firm.

Should partners request changes to the financial statement formats that are substantially different from the Firm Template, the CaseWare Champion should spend the time explaining the impact and the sustainability of the change on update.

Quick Reference guide on the package and distribution process

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    How to package and distribute the Firm Template.
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