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Financial Statements | CaseWare iXBRL Pilot Program FAQs

Published:  23/04/2018

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Thank you to those who were a part of our regional pilot testing sessions, the following is information on iXBRL functionality that was queried during these sessions. 

If you would like to book for our regional iXBRL workshops or have missed our live webinars and would like to review the slides, recording and FAQS from  "Unpacking iXBRL with CaeWare" webinar you may click below:


What else do I need to tag and how do I know if this is correct (Notes and/or auditor's report etc.)?

Click here for detailed information and steps on areas that require you to tag if applicable to ensure the AFS is tagged correctly.


Why are footnotes required?
Footnotes are required for value fields that are empty thus further explanation is required to be completed in a footnote for this blank field. 

Click here to view criteria for entities required to comply with the XBRL determination of the CIPC.

Which type of diagnostic errors will prevent an export in iXBRL format?

Click here for information on the 2 types of errors and the cause of such errors.

When would I need to manually tag and how do I do this?

Click here for a detailed video tutorial on the manual tagging process.

If you require further assistance on tagging we also offer a comprehensive training online and onsite. Ensure you bring your finalised set of financial statements to the training. Click here to book.

How would you know a file is signed off to apply iXBRL to it?

Click here for further information regarding this query. 

What do the colours for the tagging mean?

Click here for further information regarding this query. 

When tagging the financial statements and notes, can I ignore circles where there are no balances? 

Click here for further information regarding this query. 

How do I complete the submission to CIPC, after exporting to the document manager?

Click here for detailed steps and supporting video tutorial on the process.
CaseWare Africa is part of the Software services provider panel where we attended a CIPC XBRL Taxonomy Workshop for the review of the XBRL data model and The CIPC base XBRL taxonomy which incorporates IFRS and companies act requirements.
Taxonomy Updates Workshop - 27 March 2018
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