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CaseWare Africa Success Community | Release FAQs | November 2018

Published:  20/02/2019

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FAQs on Templates and Software

Can I open files created on previous versions of CaseWare after I’ve installed CaseWare Working Papers 2018?
You will be prompted to upgrade the file to the latest version of CaseWare Working Papers when opening the file.

What is the cause of Error 1904 and how do I resolve it?
There are a number of files that are required to run the CaseWare Working Papers 2018 application and error 1904 indicates that one or more these files are not installed or the application was installed without full administrator rights. Refer to the following detailed FAQ here.
When is the end of support date for CaseWare Working Papers 2016?
CaseWare Africa end of support date is the 7th November 2018 for all versions (including prior) of CaseWare Working Papers 2016. End of support refers to the date when CaseWare Africa no longer provides hotfixes, updates, or ad hoc remedial support. Click here for further information on product lifecycles.

FAQs on CaseWare Cloud Integration

After installing CaseWare Working Papers 2018 (SmartSync), do I need to reintegrate to my cloud instance?
No, the integration settings will carry over to your new version of Working Papers (SmartSync). You may be requested to log in depending on your security settings.
What is two-factor authentication and how do I use this feature?
Two-Factor Authentication to provide an additional safeguard when users log in, click here for more information.

FAQs on licensing

Will I need a new license code after upgrading to CaseWare Working Papers 2018?
For CaseWare Working Papers 2016 or higher, you will not need a new license code before or after installing CaseWare Working Papers 2018. There is no reminder or prompt to license the software after installing unless you are due for a renewal.

FAQs on utilities

If I upgrade my Data Store to Data Store 2018, will I still be able to open my files that have not been updated by a new template?
Yes. Data Store 2018 will still work with files created from older versions of CaseWare software.
If I install CaseWare Working Papers 2018, do I need to update my Connector?
Yes, it is recommended best practice to update all components to the latest version when upgrading your environment. CaseWare Working Papers 2018 will work with Connector 2017, but this is not recommended best practice. If you do not have Microsoft Office installed the setup will cancel the installation and an error message will appear.

FAQs on silent installation

I make use of a silent installation to install CaseWare Working Papers and the templates. How will this work in the upcoming release?
The silent installation will be updated to support CaseWare Working Papers 2018.
How do I update my Silent Install package to version 2018.00.196R4?
Click here to read our detailed guide on this process.

Events, Webinars and Training to get the most out of this release:

We have setup the following online and regional sessions to ensure your success when implementing, updating and leverage the newly released software, templates and utilities from CaseWare Africa.


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