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Probe | ATA | How to register/license your Probe Attorneys Trust Engagement file

000005810 - How to Guide - Published   20/11/2017
This is a "how to" guide which will provide you with step by step instructions on how to register or license the Probe Attorneys Trust Template. ATA licensing

Attorney Trust Template | How to update your ATA engagement file

000006458 - How to Guide - Published   31/03/2017
This how to guide will provide you with steps on updating your engagement file to the latest Probe Attorney Trust Template.

Probe | ATA | How do I request additional ATA license tokens?

000009621 - FAQ - Published   20/11/2017
If you have utilised all your current ATA licenses or tokens, you may request a quote for additional license tokens directly from your firm's account manager.

Attorney Trust Accounts | What are the differences with an ATA engagement on the desktop and the cloud?

000012155 - FAQ - Published   29/05/2018
Why should you be using ATA on the cloud, read more on the differences between the current desktop offering and the new ATA on your CaseWare Cloud. ATA Engagements are niche engagements which are highly regulated by the regulator, and yet are not particularly profitable for audit firms.

Probe | ATA | Probe Attorney Trust Account Template (ATA) Whats new webinar

000006607 - Video - Published   26/04/2017
In this webinar, you will be introduced to all the critical compliance changes that have been introduced to the new Probe Attorney Trust Account Template


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