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 New! - Modified Cash | Introduction and basic demonstration

000016296 - Video - Published   20/03/2019

 New! - Modified Cash | Release | March 2019 | Version 2018.12.01

000016297 - Product Update - Published   20/03/2019
The CaseWare Modified Cash (MCS) Template, is a new product provided by CaseWare Africa in our endeavour to automate Financial Statements. This template focuses on the automation of Financial Statements which all National and Provincial departments are required to prepare on a quarterly and annual basis. The product streamlines the process from obtaining the trial balance, importing and ultimately producing the Financial Statements.

Attorney Trust Template | Release | March 2019 | Version 2018.21.13

000016216 - Product Update - Published   15/03/2019
This latest version includes content improvements, general changes and compliance updates to address the remaining chapters of the Legal Practice Act, No. 28 of 2014 (LPA) came into operation on 1 November 2018, replacing the Attorneys Act No. 53 of 1979 in its entirety.

ISAE Attestation | Understanding the token usage process

000012261 - FAQ - Published   15/03/2019
If you currently own ISAE Attestation, this article will provide more information on how to purchase more tokens and to check your token quantity balance.

ITR14 | Create an ITR14 Annual Return Engagement

000016124 - FAQ - Published   14/03/2019


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