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 Updated! - Modified Cash | Release | August 2019 | Version 2018.12.02

000016297 - Product Update - Published   22/08/2019
The CaseWare Modified Cash (MCS) Template, is a new product provided by CaseWare Africa in our endeavour to automate Financial Statements. This template focuses on the automation of Financial Statements which all National and Provincial departments are required to prepare on a quarterly and annual basis. The product streamlines the process from obtaining the trial balance, importing and ultimately producing the Financial Statements.

TaxWare | Hotfix | August 2019 | Version

000018250 - Product Update - Published   15/08/2019
We have picked up an error relating to provisional cover letters in our TaxWare product and have compiled an interim fix for immediate installation. Our team is working on a permanent resolution to this issue and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Tax Management | Important Updates and Release Roadmap

000014843 - Product Update - Published   02/08/2019
Please review the following regarding Tax Management software. This page is updated regularly to provide the latest information and known issues.

TaxWare | Update | July 2019 | Version

000017839 - Product Update - Published   24/07/2019
Enhancements and compliance updates has been made to TaxWare. This article will provide for more information on the enhancements.

ISQC1 | Release | July 2019 | Version 19.2

000017949 - Product Update - Published   23/07/2019
An ongoing and challenging issue facing firms today is remaining up to date and compliant with the International Standards on Auditing which are continually changing. The purpose of the ISQC1 standard is to establish standards and guidelines around policies and procedures toward continued compliance while providing insight to improvements involving firms’ systems of quality control. To facilitate a smoother path to ISQC1 compliance, the Quality Control templates have been designed to streamline processes involved in meeting compliance demands and making quality control a less complex undertaking.


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