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 Updated! - Probe | What's New

000011862 - Webinar Series - Published   16/10/2019
Find out what's new with CaseWare Africa's Probe MMX, Compilation and Independent Review templates, this article will provide you with all the resources needed to get started.

 Updated! - Audit International | Annexures | Summary of content changes

000014447 - Product Update - Published   16/10/2019
Supplementary information of the latest released Audit International template. Download Annexure A, B and C for detailed changes to the content and assertions

 Updated! - CaseWare Working Papers | What's new in CaseWare Working Papers 2019?

000019110 - Webinar Series - Published   16/10/2019
The following describes the features and fixes for Working Papers 2019 and related products.

 Updated! - CaseWare Working Papers | Release | October 2019 | Version 2019.00.227

000019069 - Product Update - Published   16/10/2019
CaseWare Working Papers 2019 contains new features that will further enhance efficiency and compliance. We have updated and repackaged our Financial Reporting and Assurance engagement templates to cater for technology and recently amended or new compliance changes.

 Updated! - Audit International | Release | October 2019 | Version 21.1

000014432 - Product Update - Published   16/10/2019
The latest version of Audit International is designed to improve visibility of procedures to reduce the risk of non-compliance. This version makes compliance easier and provides content specific to local legislation and regulations.


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