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Getting Started with CaseWare

As a valued client, your success is our priority. This page provides resources that will enable you to successfully install and use CaseWare to start working smarter and faster in no time.

Getting Started

Getting Started in 6 Easy Steps

This series of getting started videos guides new CaseWare users through the steps that have proven to lead to successful implementation.

This is the most important part of the process. The more time you spend on understanding mapping and getting it right, the easier it is to prepare financial statements.

  • Once the trial balance has been imported, the accounts need to be linked to the lead sheets and the financial statements. This is done via a standard set of mapping numbers, providing all options for accounting frameworks.
  • Mapping only needs to be done once for each CaseWare file and is retained year on year. Mapping only needs to be updated for new account numbers added when updated trial balances are imported.

To better understand this process, here are the videos:

Principals of Mapping

Mapping the Trial Balance

Our financial statements are always up to date with compliance requirements – but because these change on an on-going basis, you will need to update your software periodically. Besides compliance, we also change the technology for enhanced usability and efficiencies – so staying on the latest version is not only for your compliance, but also ensures your user experience keeps getting better. Visit our downloads and updates page. In viewing the Introduction to Financial Statements, Drafting Financial Statements and Formatting the Financial Statements video series, you will:

  • Be familiar with the layout of the financial statements template.
  • Know how to use the navigation features.
  • Understand the basic tools in the template toolbar.
  • Editing and reviewing the financial statements.

Here are the videos to assist you with financial statements:

Introduction to financial statements

Drafting financial statements

Formatting the financial statements

CaseWare Working Papers Adjusting Journals are used to input and edit any adjustments that need to be made to the financial statements.

  • If financial statements need to be adjusted that affect the client’s trial balance, these adjustments can be posted directly into CaseWare Working Papers using the Adjusting Journals feature. This feature allows additions, modifications and deletions.

To better understand this process, here are the videos:

Posting Journal Entries

When a year-end close is performed, the client’s file is rolled over to the following year and a new file is created. No changes are however made to the original file.

The new file will:

  • Roll the current year balances in the Working Trial Balance forward into the prior year to show comparative figures.
  • Roll forward information in the financial statements from current year fields to prior year fields, including manually inputting fields.
  • Retain mapping, specified documents and (or) annotations.
  • Update all automatic documents.

Year-End Close

CaseWare Support

There are many ways you can get help on CaseWare and its add-on products.

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