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Why you should attend?

The Caseware Novice course is designed to target new Caseware users to provide an overview of how the software works and will tie into your journey of using the software on future audit engagements.

Caseware Novice aims to bridge the gap between having never used Caseware before and either starting your journey as a first-year audit clerk or just a new user. Ideally, this course should be attended in the first two months of using the software as the objective of the course is to allow for a smoother transition into the team.

In Novice, we introduce you to some exciting tools; from how to use the Caseware community to your best advantage to the basics you need to know to empower you to start working as a valuable member in your engagement team.

Having attended Novice, we believe that you will be better positioned to attend Caseware Fundamentals which is designed to expand your knowledge and give you the opportunities to participate in more complex tasks on your audit engagements.

Course overview:

After attending this course, I want to be able to:

1. Create a new file

2. Know my way around the document manager

3. Import a variety of trial balances into the Caseware engagement file

4. Map the trial balance and locate the ‘account’ ribbon in order to ‘assign mapping numbers’

5. Use the Home ribbon

6. Use View ribbon

7. Locate the Engagement ribbon

8. Locate the ‘document’ ribbon

9. Use Smart sync ribbon

10. Use Tools ribbon

11. Understand purpose of information store, know where to find it and can complete relevant parts

12. Understand the document map in CaseView documents

13. Understand the lead schedule 

14. Add documents to the Engagement file (Excel and PDF)

15. Understand which sections specifically relate to the assurance engagements (10-90)

Please Note: The training delegate minimum requirement is 6 delegates, should we not meet this number the training will be rescheduled to the next training dates. If training is cancelled, we will inform you prior to the training date.

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