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CaseWare Working Papers | How to revoke/move or transfer a CaseWare License?

Published:  01/11/2018
How to revoke/move or transfer a CaseWare License.

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The License Revocation process has been implemented to allow for licenses to be returned to the license server where they can either be reused or cancelled (in the event that a client is reducing their license count).

Before making infrastructure changes in your firm, we recommend revoking licenses from any workstations that could be affected, as these environmental changes could invalidate the workstations current license and require re-registration.

Changes that could trigger this include Domain membership changes, computer name changes, and re-imaging/republishing of workstation images.

To begin the revocation process; on the Tools tab, in the Licensing group, click Licensing | Revoke License or press Ctrl+Shift+R to open the License Revocation Wizard
User-added image
Alternatively, you can find the option under the file view: 
User-added image  

Automated Revocation Process:

1.    Select the Automatic Revocation option which is the recommended method of revoking the current license. Click Next to proceed. 

  User-added image

2.    Fill in the applicable fields and click Next
  User-added image
3.    Click YES to automatically revoke the license over the internet. 
  User-added image

Manual Revocation Process:

The manual revocation process will require a ticket to be issues in order to revoke the license, this is done via email.

1.    Select the manual revocation option and click Next to proceed. 
  User-added image

2.    First step is to Obtain Revocation Permission from CaseWare Africa Support. 
  User-added image
3.    Fill in the applicable fields and click Next to send and acquire a permission ticket from CaseWare Africa Support  (
  User-added image

4.    Once you acquire the permission ticket from support, select Revoke License.
  User-added image

5.    Browse and locate the permission ticket or type the permission string in the field provided.
  User-added image

6.    Click Next to complete the revocation wizard. 
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