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CaseWare Working Papers | How do I add / modify / remove flip account settings?

Published:  10/07/2017
How do I add / modify / remove flip account settings?


CaseWare templates are designed to automatically flip accounts to the opposite side of the ledger, based on their imported sign. For example, if cash at bank account was once credit in the prior year but is now a debit (bank overdraft) this year, CaseWare will automatically (flip) the amount to the opposite sign (being current liabilities). However, for certain instances we might need to have credit balance accounts consolidated with debit balances (or vice versa). We are able to stop CaseWare from automatically flipping by removing the Map Number flip account. For example cash, will automatically flip to Interest Bearing Liabilities / Bank Overdraft. In order to remove this please follow the steps below.
  • Open the CaseWare Engagement File. 
  • From the Navigation Toolbar, select Trial Balance. The Working Trial Balance will open.
  • Locate the Map No Column heading and right click on the heading. The appropriate right-click menu will appear. 
  • From the right-click menus, select Show|Map No (Flip). The appropriate column will appear.
 User-added image

  • ​For the account which you do not wish to flip, delete the Numbers from the Map No (Flip) column, corresponding to the account (in this example it will be the Map no (Flip) corresponding to cash - these map numbers will be for Bank overdraft). Note: There are also flips contained within L/S. In order to remove these you need to repeat steps 2) through to 5) replacing Map No with L/S and Map No (Flip) with L/S (Flip).

Adding / Modifying Flip Account settings

All flip properites are added / modified following the steps below:
  • From the ribbon, select Account tab | in the Assign area | Assign Mapping Numbers. The appropriate screen will open.
  • Click the Flip button.
  • Assign accounts to the opposite area, the same way you would map an account. 
  • Note: Please refer to the attached document for further instructions.
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