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What is XBRL Lite?

Published:  16/05/2023
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XBRL Lite has been developed by Caseware Africa to help you stay compliant and submit your financial statements to CIPC in the iXBRL format., regardless of whether or not you are a Caseware Working Papers user.  This simple and easy to use input sheet allows you to submit the relevant information, in the required layout, in a pre-tagged form, without having to spend time and money redrafting your financial statements. 

Caseware Africa has developed XBRL Lite with ease of use and simplicity in mind, while helping you to remain compliant throughout the process of preparing your iXBRL submission:
  • Entering of mandatory information
  • Pre-tagged sheets into which you can capture information 
  • Room for customisation. 
    1. You can easily add your own information, or
    2. Add or edit tags in the statements on either new or existing information. 
  • Review tags to show you what has and has not been tagged to ensure a successful iXBRL submission
  • Validation and export to ensure upload to CIPC website
  • Reporting on tags for review purposes as an added benefit

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