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Financial Statements | How to customise the designation in the information store (Design Mode)

Published:  06/06/2018
How to customise the designation in the information store (Design Mode)


PLEASE NOTE: These steps are for the firm's champion or template author and should not be performed by those who are not familiar with Design Mode.

How do I edit this without design mode?

If you require a simple manual edit to the designation in the signature area click here for steps on editing this without using design mode.

How to access Design Mode and what is the design mode password?

Click here for steps on how to access this mode and to request the design mode password 

How to customise the designation in the information store (Design Mode)

In your CaseWare file's Document Manager

  • Open the Information store document (e.g  folder locations: Financial Statements | Financial Statements preparation | 10.20 Information Store)
  • Jump to Firm information section at the bottom of the page
  • In the Designation of practitioner/firm drop-down menu, select the blank option
  • You will see that the cell is white and cannot be edited (refer below on steps to edit this in the report)

User-added image
  • Continue standing on Cell
  • Then go into Design Mode
  • Right-click on the cell the select Input cell
  • Go out of Design Mode you will see that this white blank cell is now an input cell
  • Stand on the designation area and go to the formula bar at the top to type in your designation
  • Save the Information Store  document

User-added image

In your financial statements

  • Switch on the report you would like reviewed (Right click on the blue heading and select On)
  • Navigate to the signature area of the report in your financial statements
  • In the relevant section, this designation from the information store selection will pull through


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