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Financial Statements | How to resolve Validation error: Revenue and/or Liabilities is used more than once. Please remove duplicate tags.

Published:  28/09/2018
When validating and exporting an error is received stating that the tag is used more than once on the Revenue and/or Liabilities, please ‘Add/Edit Tags’ to remove the duplicate.

This occurs as the current year for Revenue and/or Liabilities has no value but prior year has a value thus tagged in the statement. There will be a line added for a footnote on the mandatory information field and tagged too, hence the error stating that there’s duplicate tags.

User-added image


  • Go to the respective statement and remove the tag for the current year as there is no revenue for the current year and you have already added a footnote stating that on the mandatory field.
  • Hover on the cell and click edit next to Revenue
User-added image
  • Select Remove Tag and click OK
User-added image
  • The tag will be removed
User-added image
  • Validate and Export
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