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Financial Statements | How to resolve XBRL validation error: Increase(decrease) in equity tag not found

Published:  28/09/2018
How to resolve XBRL validation error: Increase(decrease) in equity tag not found.

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Note:  Always ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest patch first. 
  1. Once the latest patch has been run,  click on Clear Tags followed by Restore Tags and select Restore tags based on CaseWare default tags. 
  2. Once the tags have been restored, click on Validate & Export and the validation error will be removed as the correct tags will have been restored in the AFS

If you are still experiencing the issue, follow the steps below.
1.    Make sure your file is in ‘Review Tags’ mode by clicking on the icon in the XBRL toolbar
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2.    Go to Equity statement 
3.    For the current year, look for the Total comprehensive income for the year line item. 
4.    Place your cursor over the Total comprehensive income (loss) cell under the total column, this will show the Tagging properties and could show the incorrect tag saying “Increase (decrease) through other changes, equity”

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5.    Select Edit next to the tag name
6.    Click on Remove Tag to remove the incorrect tag
7.    Select the correct tag stating Increase (decrease) in equity
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8.    Click OK
9.    Click Validate & Export button and the error will be removed
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