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Probe | Can I use Probe MMX to audit interim audits?

Published:  19/08/2016
Can I use Probe MMX to audit interim audits?


Yes, you can:
 Please see our practical examples below:
  1. Complete your interim audit and batch export the documents to pdf on which work was done where you don't want figures to change between interim and final.  After the export you can re-import your final figures and continue with the final audit.
  2. After performing the work of the interim audit, create a copy of your interim file and in the new copy re-import your final figures and continue with the final audit.
Other considerations:

After creating a CaseWare file for your interim audit and you have imported the clients interim trial balance you can complete the planning documents normally, except for the materiality (10.60) and the analytical review (10.52) documents, these two documents will require more work.
During your final audit you will have to revisit the interim planning and risk assessment and assess whether there is a need to change the audit approach chosen during the interim audit.
  • For materiality you have to adjust your figures for the year, i.e project a yearly figure and base your materiality on this projected figure. Once you perform the final audit you should assess whether your materiality was reasonable and if not, assess whether sufficient work was performed during the interim audit and whether further work needs to be performed.
  • Analytical review, you will either have to project figures for a year, compare figures for the same period in the prior year or take into account that figures are only for a certain period every year, eg. 8 months.

For the work programs you have to assess the procedures to be performed carefully:
  • Ignore (Hide) steps in the work program that can only be performed at the final audit and then switch them on again for the final audit. 
  • Skip procedures which will be performed at the final audit and insert comments stating why steps were skipped.
  • At the final audit you will have to tailor your work programs, as you might have to insert procedures where figures were projected for the year to compare them to the actual figures Or where eg. stock takes were done at the interim audit, the stock should now be "rolled forward" to take into account sales and purchases of stock.

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