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Compilation | 06.20 Compilation engagement evaluation

Published:  18/04/2024


The objective of this document is to ensure that firms accept clients who fit their client risk profile, and to ensure that the terms of the engagement have been agreed upon between the firm and the client.


This document covers the following topics to assist in agreeing the terms of the engagement, and reaching a conclusion regarding client acceptance:

  • Terms of the engagement
  • Engagement continuance/ acceptance
  • Ethical requirements


Yes/No Answer the question by selecting with the "Yes / No" drop-down box. By answering the questions your engagement will be tailored and further questions in the engagement file will be shown/hidden. 
Description Insert a short description, if necessary, to substantiate the answer given. By describing the thought process you went through in arriving at your answer, you are able to substantiate your answer to reviewers and future enquiries. 
Ref. Insert a reference, if necessary, to supporting documentation or other documents within your Caseware file, you can click on the dropdown box to reference to a document already in your Caseware file. By inserting references to work performed on other working papers you ensure that your file is logical and demonstrates compliance with ISAs. 



You must reach a conclusion on whether the firm should continue with, or accept, the engagement.
The engagement partner signs off the document.


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