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GRAP | How can support assist you during your Year End reporting

Published:  05/04/2018
We will be available for a limited time during the April and May public holidays, specifically for those public sector clients needing assistance with their Year End reporting.
Public HolidayDateSupport Times
Freedom Day27 April  20189am - 4pm
Labour Day01 May 20189am - 4pm

Before contacting support ensure you have completed the following:

Made a backup of your file
  1. Close all CaseView documents and go to File | Backup
  2. Select a location alternative to the primary location of the file. A remote location will be most advisable in case your desktop should crash or become inaccessible.
  3. Include Sub-folders so that your back up is exactly the same as the original.
Ensure you have installed  the latest software and template
  1. Check that your software license is activated - - Go to File | Licensing 
  2. Click here to login and view your authorisation code if needed to license
  3. Check your version number of CaseWare Working Papers - Go to FileHelp | The latest version number should be 2017.00.225
  4. Ensure you also have the latest version of:
    • Connector 2017.042.01
    • GRAP 2018.10.01 Incl. MFMA NT 2018_1
  5. Click here to download or Login | My Software 
Only if remote assistance is required
  1. Click here to download the TeamViewer application
Need guidance on updating your financials to include schedule A
To contact support you can
  • Create a case via the community  - click here to log a case 
  • Email your query to support -
  • Please note our support number has changed you may contact support on - +27 10 494 1001



Support hours on South African Public Holidays for April - May 2018
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