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Connector | Getting Started Guide for CaseWare Connector

Published:  25/06/2018

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CaseWare Working Papers Add - On Modules : Connector

CaseWare Connector is an optional component for CaseWare Working Papers, which allows the user to integrate CaseWare engagement file data to MS Excel workbooks and MS Word documents.

Changes in the underlying CaseWare data are immediately reflected in any linked Excel or Word schedules.
In addition to integrating data with any part of CaseWare Working Papers' database, including all amounts and properties of accounts, the user can add full annotation including referencing and tick marks and drill down to supporting documents.

Where can I use CaseWare Connector?

Connector has a huge range of audit and accounting applications which includes management accounting and the automation of audit working papers.

CaseWare Connector Training

We have various courses designed to ensure success in leveraging Connector. Join our Connector experts to ensure that your working papers/schedules created in Excel and Word never need updating or review upon rolling over figures or data in CaseWare. If you would prefer this course to be hosted on-site at your firm, you can contact the training department on for available dates and discounted pricing options.
  Classroom   Onsite Training   Webinar

Do you have the latest version of Connector?

The latest version of CaseWare Connector comes with the latest CaseWare Working Papers 2017 (64-bit). This release has improvements to linkage and Microsoft Office functionality. Find out more and access the download by clicking on the below button.
  Release Info  

Connector Getting Started Guide

  Download Manual
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