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CaseWare Africa Success Community | How do I manage the CaseWare Community users in my firm?

Published:  21/04/2017
How do I manage the CaseWare Community users in my firm?


Contact Management page

As the CaseWare Champion, Renewal Contact or IT contact, you have access to manage the CaseWare Community users in your firm. You can do this by logging into the community and  clicking on My Team’s Information which will allow you to manage the contacts for your firm.
User-added image

You will be redirected to the Contact Management page, which is a list of contacts at your company who work on CaseWare or BackOffice products.  

You are able to edit the contact’s details, give them access to the community and manage what they can do or see in the community.  You can also add new contacts, remove contacts or take away their access to the community.

User-added image

Moving from left to right on the picture above:
  • You can clearly see who has access to the CaseWare or Confirmations community, as the community users are marked with a tick.
  • You can also see who has a registered CaseWare license as they are identified with a tick
  • CaseWare Champions are also identified with a tick and if not, can be updated with a tick.
  • You can edit the names, emails and contact telephone numbers by using the Edit button
  • You can remove a contact from your list and the community by using Remove.  However, if a client has a registered CaseWare license, you will not be able to remove them, until that license has been revoked and allocated to another user.  Click here for more information on how to revoke a license
  • If they are an existing user in the community, you can Manage their permission in the community, by identifying what they can see and do.  Hovering over the permission sets with your mouse will give you an explanation
  • To add a user to the community, you can Register the user and then also manage their permissions.  The new user will receive a login email.  If they do not receive the login email for any reason, they should still be able to go to the login page and reset their password to gain access to the community.

How do I register a user?

To register this user once you have confirmed the details listed above are correct, simply click on the Register button.

User-added image

The Register Community User dialogue box will appear, then click on Register to complete the registration process on behalf of the user.

User-added image

If you would like your users to register directly via the Community - Click here for more information on how to register or request a Community Login.

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